Writing and Storytelling are Not the Same Thing.

Grumpy Wizard

I came across a book that validates a gut feeling I have about storytelling. Its from a professional screenwriter who wrote for HBO’s Band of Brothers, one of my favorite TV series.

I would say that 60 percent or more of what makes a project potentially successful (or not) is the core idea that could be communicated in a short synopsis of a few sentences up to a single page. And this is all that industry professionals will generally be willing to look at to consider whether they want to read further.

To me, 30 percent of what’s important to a project’s success lies in the structural choices, the decisions about what will happen, scene by scene, in a story-or what you’d see in an outline.

That means only 10 percent is about the actual words on the page-the description and dialogue that people will read in the finished…

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