D&D Four Color Adventure Design

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I recently realized that I have a specific style to the Dungeons & Dragons adventures that I tend to homebrew and run, which I have taken to calling “Four Color Design.” This is an expansion on my previous Somebody vs Anybody theory, where this is “Somebody.”

Back in the day, specifically the ’40s and ’50s, comic books had a distinct art style, where the picture was created using four distinct colors, Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. The way these colors were dotted across the page created other colors, and this time period was called the Golden Age of Comics, which is really what I’m referring to.

These stories had tropes that were fun, simple, and easy to follow from one issue to the next. They jumped right into the action, and a lot of assumptions were made about the heroes, that were then deepened or flipped later, during the Silver…

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