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Having played a good game with three friends from the Roleplay Rescue community yesterday, I thought I would share some reflections from my perspective as the GM. This was our experimental classic dungeon game powered by the Old-School Essentials rules, set in my newly-born realm of Hiraeth, and played with all the rules behind the screen.

In short, I had a good time and it appears that the players did too. Specifically, what I discovered was how much my previous comments about seeking more descriptive detail in combat truly paid off at the table. In fact, deliberately calling-out and asking players to be mindful of stating not just WHAT their characters would do but also HOW they do it made the experience all the richer.

From my perspective, running OSE (a B/X Dungeons & Dragons clone) with rules-behind-the-screen was positive and simple to do. Of greatest positive impact were…

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