The Gameboy Color had the best 2D Zelda Games

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I’ve been on a Zelda binge lately. I suppose it’s because of the chatter around the Ocarina of Time PC “port” that’s been getting some good buzz, so I decided to go back and play… not Ocarina, but some of the other Zelda games from the period. Don’t ask me why.

I know this won’t be a revelation to many, but the Gameboy Color has some incredible Zelda games. I would, in fact, be willing to entertain the idea that the GBC has the best collection of Zelda games of any console. I think Breath of the Wild is definitely more fun, but it’s hard to compare it to the rest of the series because it’s so different. It’s a bit like comparing the original NES/GB Castlevanias to the Igavanias that came later; they have similarities, but ultimately they’re so different they don’t really belong in the same genre. Maybe…

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