Boss Rush Banter: Do You Fall Asleep While Playing Video Games?

Have you ever struggled keeping your eyes open playing a video game? Maybe it’s a certain game, mood, or lack of sleep? If so, you’re not alone; countless nights, I’ve dozed off because of busy days, sluggish games, or depressive slumps. I find it very frustrating when I look forward to playing a game, and when it’s finally time, my eyes become sandbags. Is the game not interesting enough, or is it me? Along the way, I’ve come across many reasons and tips I’d love to share if this scenario applies to you.

The Legend Of Zelda The Windwaker: Sleeping Link

Sometimes games can feel sluggish, stale, or just not captivating enough for your particular mood. This may be the time to set that game or genre aside for a while and come back to it later. We all fear a growing backlog, but sometimes it’s necessary instead of…

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