Boss Rush Banter: Do Game and Console Developers Do Enough for Offline Gamers?

The last census of the USA showed that around 85% of Americans maintain a subscription to broadband internet access. That number drops to around 70% in rural areas where American ISPs have very little incentive to build out broadband infrastructure. That’s a fairly robust minority–and it doesn’t even mind the fact that America’s definition of broadband is badly outdated. So, as the game industry stubbornly establishes that always-online gaming is the norm, a sizeable chunk of the American gaming scene is experiencing the very real effects of Digital Divide. Sure, at it’s heart, gaming is pure privilege, and the concept of Digital Divide is rooted in deeper matters of livelihood. But being able to game online is one of the main factors most consumers make when selecting their tier of service.

So, my question is, given that so many people are unable to maintain a broadband connection…

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