Pyramid of Zangro Spell-Eater

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Pyramid of Zangro Spell-Eater
Pyramid of Zangro Spell-Eater (300 dpi promo)

This small three-tier step pyramid is the resting place of the naga Zangro Spell-Eater and their scions, servants, and “disciples”. The base tier of the structure contains crypts and halls, the central tier is solid except for the staircase leading down from the top tier which is a block with cross-cut corridors through it to access the central staircase. A statue of Zangro Spell-Eater used to sit atop the structure, but only the plinth remains. The ground floor also has a small shrine underneath the west staircase accessed by a pair of doors on each side – and a secret door leads from this shrine to the internal structures.

Pyramid of Zangro Spell-Eater
Pyramid of Zangro Spell-Eater (1200 dpi)

The structure is defended to this day by the one surviving disciple of the Spell-Eater – a dragon that was a wyrmling when the Spell-Eater lived and is…

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