Rise of the Runelords #77: Atop Hook Mountain

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

After returning to the grateful town of Turtleback Ferry, the party went on a detour led by a fey, to find that a nixie is in mourning because her lover, the former commander of Fort Rannick, was taken away by the ogres. The party ventured up Hook Mountain to defeat the clan in its own home!

24th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

After defeating the worm, the party moved into the cave, from where they had heard noises. They planned to take control of the cave and use it as a center of operations. But to do that, they would first have to vanquish its current owners, a group of ogres.

They only managed to move a short distance into the cave before the ogres arrived, eager to dispatch these new intruders. Unfortunately for them, the party was experienced combating their kind.

After a short (or at the very least, shorter…

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