Top Ten Companions in Gaming

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A single-player game is often a solitary journey through a digital world to save a princess, stop world destruction, or find one’s self. However, sometimes, developers are able to do the impossible and create a companion that accompanies the player on their journey and is actually enjoyable to have around. This traveling buddy helps to progress the story and aid in combat, but the best ones lend their personality to the game.

They transform the experience from one of isolation to one of comradery. Some of these games would have felt significantly more hollow without the presence of these characters. Entire plotlines could have been lost, and my interest dissolved because these characters helped to keep me invested in the universes of these games. So please let me introduce to you some of my favorite companions in video games.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

BD-1 – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen…

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