OSE Behind The Screen, Part 5

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The past few weeks have seen me take a journey into two separate streams of thought. The first was the idea of playing a one-shot adventure using Old-School Essentials with the specific intent of playing with all the rules behind the screen, thus aiming to increase player’s Otherworld-immersion. The second was the idea of building an Open Table game at which any player could drop in for any session, inspired by The Alexandrian’s “Open Table Manifesto“.

Today, I wanted to reflect on the feedback I have received and the ways in which feedback from players has helped me to shape my pathway forward.

Feedback Received

The players enjoyed the game and agreed that playing with the rules-behind-the-screen methodology increased their immersion with both the Otherworld and their characters. All the players indicated that they would like to play again.

Of particular interest, one player specifically…

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