Rise of the Runelords #78: Bark’s Last Bite

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party continues its assault on the Kreeg Clan on Hook Mountain! (-GM)

24th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

The party continues its great battle against the Kreeg Ogre and its 3 companions. The battle is turning and not to the favor of the party. The Kreeg Ogre’s attacks are powerful and don’t often miss.

Bark Thorson

Bark tries to help the party by staying in harm’s way, and he pays for it. The dog’s great body hits the ground, and its hair settles on the ground. This is a sad moment for everyone, but Kreeg shows no mercy as he continues to beat on the party. Aranea is just in front of the party, tanking many hits. The party manages to kill one of the three companions, but Kreeg doesn’t care; he hits without skipping a beat.

Suddenly, in a turn of events, Aranea hits one shot, throwing her large…

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