The Guild of Five

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Guild of Five
The Guild of Five (300 dpi promo)

Built 60 years ago by five moneylenders in the City of Copper Bowls, the Guild of Five was an informal “guild” to work against the puritanical governance of the city and legitimize their usurious ways. Officially a shrine to Belpheromas, a demon of gold and contracts, the structure helped legitimize their business and provided a single place where they could safeguard their securities and contracts.

The Guild of Five
The Guild of Five (1200 dpi)

But as the years went by, their “fake” subservience to the demon caught them in a curse – a trap where their contracts were enforced by fiendish rebukes. While this initially helped them to collect on loans that would otherwise have been lost, it also applied to their promises between themselves. They found themselves unable to break their promises to each other – promises often made with no intention of following through…

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