STAR FRONTIERS: TSR’s Eighties Science Fiction RPG

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Star Frontiers wasn’t the first sci-fi game from TSR of course. Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World both predate it. But those are more science fantasy, and don’t really fill the bill of a Star Trek or Star Wars spaceships, planets and aliens type RPG setting. Star Frontiers is that game.

Development of Star Frontiers was surprisingly long and convoluted. Design work began in Summer 1979, and yet the finished game wasn’t released until late 1982. The game at inception seemed to be aimed at rival GDW’s Traveller RPG, a hard sci-fi game. By release, Star Frontiers had been re-orientated toward a younger audience.

The STAR FRONTIERS game in its final form retains the original concepts developed during the first two years of playtesting, but many of the mechanics of play and specific rules are considerably different from the original versions. Although many TSR employees were sad to say goodbye…

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