Open Hiraeth: Choosing D&D?

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Experimentation with Dungeons & Dragons behind the screen (played with Old-School Essentials) proved highly successful and has me itching to develop the world of Hiraeth as an Open Table game for my friends. Recent developments with my teaching career – in finding a new school upon which to inflict a fresh Dungeons & DragonsClub – have given me pause on exactly how I might run this new game.

Open Table Gaming

The Open Table concept was proposed by The Alexandrian back in 2016 and it has long been an aspiration for me to develop something in the same spirit. He suggests it’s the roleplaying game equivalent of playing catch with your kids so as to introduce them to baseball. I suppose the British analogy would be kicking around a football with your mates. In other words, we are offering an informal pick-up game which anyone can drop into.

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