AD&D, Anxiety, and the Homebrew

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It’s a combination of anxiety and self-doubt that keeps blocking my path towards building the game I really want to play. Saturday’s decision to revisit Dungeons & Dragons was completely what I needed to do but it also repeated my self-sabotage whenever I homebrew my own flavour of classic fantasy roleplaying.

AD&D Realisations

Yesterday I sat down and rolled up two characters using D&D1e and D&D5e. I learned a whole load about Quick Character Creation – a necessary element I will need to have for my Open Table Hiraeth game – but I also reminded myself about a whole load of stuff that I don’t like about those games.

One of the illuminating things was realising that the reason why AD&D separated many core rules (such as the combat tables) from the Players Handbook and placed them in the Dungeon Masters Guide was likely due to Gygax’s methodology. Repeated mentions…

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