Greybreaker Fortified Mine

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Greybreaker Fortified Mine
Greybreaker Fortified Mine (300 dpi promo)

Led by Druthik Greybreaker, a team of dwarves built, worked, and eventually abandoned the Greybreaker Mine in the hills of Khalefteg to extract a small vein of silver and mithril. The high value of the mithril and the annoyance of the prince of Khalefteg required a certain amount of fortification to keep raiders, bandits, and the prince’s forces at bay as they worked the mine. The deposits proved smaller than expected and the mine was only run for a few years before the Greybreakers moved on to other claims.

Greybreaker Fortified Mine
Greybreaker Fortified Mine (1200 dpi)

Well beyond the walls of the fortifications are a number of tailings piles and a very nice gravel road down out of the hills to the river to ship out the recovered ore. The fortifications themselves are the minimum needed to keep raiders out – not designed for a siege…

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