Notable Games Coming to PlayStation, PC, and Xbox This Week — 30th May to 5th June

A new month is upon us and the week’s releases are rather interesting, to say the least. The pickings are rather small, but there are definitely a few noteworthy titles in the list, particularly driving sim SnowRunner which gets a PlayStation 5 port this week, and the upcoming Indie title SILT.

SnowRunner (image © 2021 Saber Interactive, Focus Entertainment)

Here are the new games coming to PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox this week across both physical and digital formats so you will know what’s coming out for your favorite Sony or Microsoft systems. Enjoy and remember to come back every week for all info about game releases!

31 May

© 2021 Saber Interactive, Focus Entertainment

  • SnowRunner | PS5 & PS4
    (also on: PC, Xbox Series X, XB1)

1 June

© 2022 Spiral Circus Limited, Spiral Circus Games, Sold-Out Software, Fireshine Games

  • SILT | PS5 & PS4

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