Dungeon! (1975): First in a long line of D&D-adjacent boardgames

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Dungeon! is a game we’ve played in the family for years. Ours however, is the 2012 Wizards of the Coast edition. I’ve never played the original 1975 set. But looking through the rules for today’s post, it’s remarkable how little it’s changed over the decades. (Check out the links at the bottom for other editions I’ve profiled.)

One of our games back in 2021: Two of my sons, and their uncle

Dungeon is a boardgame unsurprisingly reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, Dungeon predates D&D and inspired the RPG according to Gary Gygax! I always figured it was the other way around.

Players take on one of several character types, exploring the various rooms around the board, defeating monsters and collecting sufficient treasure to return back to the Start and claim victory. The chambers (and by extension, the monsters within) increase in difficulty and treasure value. The character types…

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