Rise of the Runelords #79: The Guardian

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

A wandering dwarf, Kondgure Stoanoath, and his trusty cat friend Clive happened to be exploring Hook Mountain, to find adventurers assaulting an ogre lair!(-GM)

25th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

Kondgure Stoanoath

I met a strange new group while fighting locals. Clive being a good boy pranced into the arms of a sexy crafter named Jail. with Jail was a teddy bear on spider legs.

The next day we ran into three hags who tried to turn me into a cat… I mean I love kitties but I don’t want to be one! They pummeled me to the point of death, but I wasn’t knocked out until after I gravely injured two. Ralramp then quickly dispatched two then healed me. Then as she began to run away I axed her in the back then high fived Ralramp for a job well done👍

One of the annis hags


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