New Street Fighter 6 Details Emerge from State of Play

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Street Fighter VI brought the hype in June’s State of Play. In a brief two-minutes, Capcom showed off detailed looks at SFVI’s style, gameplay, multiplayer hub, and a surprising open-world element.

Street Fighter VI‘s open world story mode will be called World Tour. Image Credit: Capcom

With a distinct hip hop influence, the newest Street Fighter boasts a style easily distinguished from the past two numbered titles. One of the loudest gripes leveled at Street Fighter V was that it did little to separate itself from Street Fighter IV.

Here now, is a game that is confident in its new look. The State of Play clip goes deeper into how Street Fighter VI carves a new identity. Primarily, its story mode – known as World Tour – will play similarly to open world adventure games. SFVI also turns the fighting game staple of the super meter on…

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