Dragon’s Bend Game Report 24

Grumpy Wizard

Atticus and Quintus led the party into the depths of the hypogeum to renew their assault on the 4th level of the dungeon.

  • The party decided to see if they could clear out the goblins in the south side of the level before tackling the driders in the north.
  • Some of the goblin corpses had been removed and all of them stripped.
  • The goblin sentries saw the party coming, threw spears and sounded the alarm.
  • More than a dozen of the nasty little things streamed from an adjoining room to fight off the party.
  • Their leader and his guards came out to see what the fuss was.
  • The party started hacking them to bits and their leader ran.
  • Quintus chased down the leader while the others finished the pack of monsters.
  • He killed the bugger but found himself alone in a hallway with an orc carrying the scary magical sword…

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