HARN Regional Module, 1st edition box (1983): The “Realistic” FRPG Campaign Setting

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If you’re an old school RPG fan, you probably saw the ads for Hârn in Dragon Magazine. It was always intriguing to see the beautiful and believable medieval campaign setting, but I never followed through and bought it back in the day.

The price was substantial. $20 then is about $58 in 2022 dollars. I never had much game money then and it may have been a little too deep and realistic for my tastes at the time. I was all-in wahoo magic fireworks AD&D, and Harn was low-magic and based on medieval Britain. Nowdays, I’m more interested in such things, and so I pulled this set aside for a closer look and a photoshoot.

Hârn Regional Module (HarnWorld) [BOX SET]

Contents: 2 booklets, poster map.

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DriveThruRPG has this and many other Harn releases in PDF.

Harn was produced by the…

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