1d6 vs Decision Fatigue

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Riffing off yesterday’s post, I was thinking more deeply about the value of random tables in relation to roleplaying game prep. It occurred to me that I might only be scratching the surface with the use of random tables to counteract decision fatigue.

When I played a short campaign set in Dolmenwood, oh, way back before the pandemic, I found a combination of factors made prepping that game really easy. At the time, I thought that the very detailed hex-by-hex descriptions of Dolmenwood then available via the issues of Wormskin were the reason. When there wasn’t an entry for a hex, I would get all worked up and stressed because I had to make something up.

The real reason prep was easier wasn’t just because of the hex key. Reflecting on it, I came to realise that using so-called random encounter tables made the process easy and fun too…

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