D&D Castle: Actual Play Report, Day 3


Sessions report from the open table B/X-BECMI-OD&D-mix game played on a gaming weekend at a 900 year old castle with minimal internet access and spotty telephone reception.

Day 3/3

The next session, Mira the fighter and Cordelia Chase the cleric retired. That meant that someone else had to step up for the leader role, and that someone was Ognus the Dwarf. Murtagh the Magic User knew he could only wield a dagger, but still, he used his part of the loot to buy a good bastard sword, sling it across his back, and call it “Zaroc”, for reasons that will be clear to anyone who read Christopher Paolini.

The party: We had Ognus, Dietrich the Thief, the Magic Users Bobo and Murtagh, the Clerics of Anubis and Baal, and the mysterious wandering warrior from last time. This party of Seven debated if they wanted to go to the deep caverns…

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