How Does a 5E DM Get Started With OSR Games? : Part 1: The Key Concept

Grumpy Wizard

I’ve been seeing evidence that there are more 5E DM’s becoming aware of the OSR.

Recently there have been a lot of questions on the /osr Reddit and videos on YouTube from folks who have recently discovered the Old School Renaissance, and are OSR curious.

I don’t know what the catalyst for that is and I’m not going to speculate. If you are a gamer that has only played more recent versions of the “world’s greatest role playing game” and are now interested in learning about the Old School Renaissance, I’d love to hear about what inspired you in the comments or a private email on my contact page.

A lot of the answers to the question of “How do I get started with the Old School Renaissance,” I see on Reddit and elsewhere start with which games you should check out. Sometimes there will be game and adventure…

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