Dohrlegond’s Tombs

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dohrlegond's Tombs
Dohrlegond’s Tombs (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

A twisting descent under “Dohrlegond’s Rock”, a massive stone spire, leads to a small set of caverns and tombs. The descent spirals around a very tall cave with a couple of points where you can see into the central cave. Under the current “management” of the ogre warlord Thar Gorecrusher, a small group of lowly half-orcs & orcs are assigned to watch this area and occasionally climb the stair to look for intruders. These guards generally sit around a small fire at the base of the cavern and play crude games to while away the hours.

Dohrlegond's Tombs
Dohrlegond’s Tombs (1200 dpi)

Thar Gorecrusher ignores the actual tombs. The doors to the chamber with the five tombs on the upper left are sealed with magical stone mechanisms that won’t open without a specific crystal wand and a knock spell used together (or the…

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