Crossing The Veil

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My friend Bob was the first player to take a character across The Veil in the realm of Hiraeth last night. The fact that he was the only player and we had a duet session made it no less exciting or enjoyable. Along the way, I learned a few more things about running an Open Table.

I really need a cover image for my black Hiraeth binder…

Run With Whoever Shows Up

The biggest learning point was to run the game with whomever shows up. To make the session viable, I decided to place Donart (Bob’s character) into a small scouting party tracking down the dog-like humanoid creatures who had desecrated a nearby burial cairn. With one player character, a scout leader, and three scouts – that’s four NPCs – the expedition felt reasonable. I think making it possible for the players who show up to have a session is…

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