Feat Trees’ New Roots in 5e D&D


D&D’s last three Unearthed Arcana (UA) playtest packets included tech that hasn’t been printed since past editions: feat trees.

Note: You may also hear these called “feat chains,” which describes a feat tree that only has one higher-level associated option, instead of branching into several. The term “feat tree” can describe both.

Feat Trees in 5e

Historically, 5e has strayed from including progressive feats, where one builds on another. Examining past editions, 5e’s designers looked at how feat trees were handled, and realized that in many cases, they were doing the opposite of what they wanted. Instead of giving characters progressively more interesting powers, they were stripping core competencies from every character and locking them behind multiple feats. Ask anyone who tried to dual wield in 3rd Edition. For years, 5e stayed away from that design. However…

5th Edition has never been shy about experimenting with new mechanics to bring…

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