The Maze of Yivh’Kthaloth

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Maze of Yivh'Kthaloth
The Maze of Yivh’Kthaloth (low resolution – no commercial license)

The minds of the things that reach out from the far realms are impossible to understand. Thus it is with Yivh’Kthaloth who reaches out to those that seek guidance and order in the face of chaos and madness. This eternal being craves order in disorder – it impresses those it touches to build structures of contained chaos. Nonsensical structures, mazes, labyrinths, and follies.

This maze is one such structure. Impressed into reality by maddening dreams, a massive maze that is home to Yivh’Kthaloth’s many “gifts” to their followers – gifts yet unclaimed within these twisting halls.

The Maze of Yivh'Kthaloth
The Maze of Yivh’Kthaloth

Because of the ridiculous size of this piece, WordPress has a few… ISSUES… dealing with it. Thus the B&W version above doesn’t link directly to the high resolution version. Instead there is a zip file with two versions of the…

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