Age of Ashes #89: Fighting for Power

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In three missing chapters(!), the party went through the next elf gate and saved a halfling desert town from a wendigo and powerful sandstorm. They reach the great trading city of Katapesh, the headquarters of the Scarlet Triad, and are now are turning the members of the Council of Guilds against the Scarlet Triad. They take on the head of the gladiators’ guild and fight for leadership! (-GM)

1st of Rova, 4720 AR

Bshez “Sand Claws” Shak

The party is finished with their battle with the giant spider and are challenged by Bshez “Sand Claws” Shak. We are now trying to convince a bunch of guilds to drop the Scarlet Triad. Rem births cows. Goodfellow captures escaped slaves. Ible helps build homes. Rem convinces the Union of Breeders that the Scarlet Triad is tipping over their pregnant cows. Deku and Goodfellow make counterfeit money to pay off loans to buy…

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