The Midsummer Lands – Hex 1

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Through the rest of June I’ll be posting a series of interlocking hexmaps that I drew. There’s no set scale for these maps, and the items on the maps are not to scale with each other so we can see points of interest like towers, cities, and caves.

For this series, I’ve been working with the style I started putting together a couple of years ago where the rivers run along the hex borders – this allows for river travel to be great for exploration as you can see the hexes on each side of the river as you go.

I’ve titled this series “The Midsummer Land” as I’ll be posting them through the later part of June and through the summer solstice. Sure, it isn’t really mid summer, but it feels right. If you really need a scale for this and don’t want to pick one yourself, go with…

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