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In what might be one of the most dense collections of content, encounters, and story from Wizards of the Coast for fifth edition, Out of the Abyss takes players into the rich depths of the Underdark. An adventure that spans a massive region and huge amounts of in-game time, it is a challenge of epic proportions for both players and Dungeon Masters, but still offers tools and inspiration for storytellers looking to the Forgotten Realms. While the story of Out of the Abyss contains many of the problematic aspects D&D is still struggling to rectify, the adventure is meaty and the content is dense, and serves as both a unique adventure and diverse sourcebook for fifth edition campaigns set in the Forgotten Realms.

Cover art for Out of the Abyss by Tyler Jacobson.

Originally written not as a standalone adventure, Out of the Abyss was intended to be a part…

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