Strahd’s Possession, Journal Entry 2

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

The plight of Lord Dhelt drew us to his castle like hungry flies. Natasha argued the place was haunted, cursed, or whatnot, and that we should avoid entry. Maila Batori, argued, “We will starve, we are lost, the best thing we heard of in this location is to talk to Lord Dhelt and at least be awarded a meal if and only if we seem worthy of the quest. Come, we shouldn’t waste our time.”

Dhelt was not seeing people when we arrived, something to the tune of a hero or two caging the quest before we arrived. When asked how to contact these heroes, for maybe there were in need of two more in this mist-haunted waste, a servant approached.

The humble servant merely pointed to the road, a dim smile on his face. He immediately turned and went back to the duties ascribed to him by his lord…

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