Dad, Dad, Daddy-O: Fathers in Games

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It’s Father’s Day again, and what better way to celebrate than to recognize some of the most iconic Dad’s in video games. Can you think of any others worthy of this list? Below are my Top Ten!

10. Taban Ashtear
Chrono Trigger
(SNES, 1995)

Let’s do the super dimension warp again!

Father to the brilliant inventor, Lucca, Taban Ashtear plays an essential role in Chrono Trigger by being the guy who basically kicks off the entire adventure. While showing off his Telepod invention at the Millennial Fair, his demonstration goes awry when a young girl gets sucked through a portal after the machine reacts mysteriously to her pendant. Immediately, our main character, Chrono, volunteers to try to find her, pendant in hand.

“You’re actually going to do it?! What a fine lad!” Taban shouts in astonishment.

You would think Taban would offer a little more help after losing a girl…

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