The Fearless Rat Catchers


An Old School Adventure with a group of highly motivated players doing something very close to B/X, Moldvay’s D&D variant, but starting new players on level zero. One of the players was nice enough to roll my character, and I ended up with some scraggly person that looked a lot like a Thief.

Level Zero Normal Human

The group was made up of a good couple of n00bs and a gaggle of veterans, and it was some kind of re-start after a party wipe, when an adventure group by the name of “The Stone Dogs” had perished.
The GM explained that he liked to play it tough and that character deaths were on the table — just like last time, with the TPK. The point why this group had been formed was to explore how the game, which most of the players had initially learned in its tamer 5e variant…

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