Getting Started With The OSR: Part 3: Put Story In Its Proper Place

Grumpy Wizard

As I wrote this, I thought to myself, “Self! This should have been Part 2.” Oh well. Here it is.

Old School Renaissance gamers shudder and gag when a game master starts talking about “their story.” It’s worse than, “Let me tell you about my character.”

Story is a word that gets used a lot in tabletop role-playing games. It is frequently misused and misapplied. Typical contemporary game mastering advice is focused on how to create a story and then lead the players through it, hopefully, in an entertaining fashion. Unfortunately, when you do this, you are substituting an interactive narrative in place of a game.

This is anathema to the Old School Renaissance referee.

The Old School Renaissance rejects the idea that the game master is telling “their story,” and holds upemergent narrativeas the way “story” comes from the game.

You can play 5E and other games…

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