Cross Roads Weekend Gaming: What are We Playing?

The Cross Roads crew is essentially throwing it back this weekend. A lot of shell kicking, monster bashing, and spell casting are on the agenda.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge© 2022 (Image: Limited Run Games, DotEmu, Gamera Games)

LeRon Dawkins: Host of Cross Roads

Monster Hunter Rise © 2021: available on PC and Nintendo Switch
image courtesy and copyright of Capcom

What can I say except that “I’m a creature of habit”? I’m doing more grinding, gear crafting, and, of course, monster hunting in Monster Hunter Rise on PC because we’re officially five days out from the release of Monster Hunter Rise:Sunbreak!

I’m also making huge strides in my replay of Mass Effect from the Mass Effect Legendary Edition so Stoy and I can get the next juicy installment of the Mass Effect Standard Definition to you.

Stoy Jovic: Co-Host of Cross Roads

Tales of…

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