5 Best Switch Ports… According to Me…


Addressing the elephant in the room; yes, I’m one of those people who mostly plays their Switch in docked mode. So much, that the idea of a ‘Switch Home’ non-portable version, which started as a Twitter joke, to compliment the Switch Lite ‘portable only’ console is starting to sound pretty good. Especially if ol’Ninty offered seamless sync between Switch devices and a highly compact home console design…

Hang on… I need to get a pen and write this all down. If the giant ‘N’ can release the 2DS as a legitimate console then I could be on to marketing gold here…

I’d also be the first to admit that a combination of circumstances over the past few years have shifted my gaming allegiances from the realm of PC way more toward the Switch. Whether it’s being able to muster the effort to grab the pro-controller whilst collapsing in to the…

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