Adventures: Homemade versus Canned

Real Women of Gaming

When it comes to GMing, a lot of time goes into the prep work for an adventure. First off there’s usually a Big Bad, their minions, certain key locations layered with atmosphere, and the loot the players hope they find. Putting all this together in time to run a session can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

Newer GMs may look to a published campaign or adventure. These are perfect for players and GMs alike as they establish the patterns and tropes veterans know and love. But these are not all cut and dry. There’s no guarantee that the writer has put in enough flavor to answer the questions players will ask, or to fill in the paths they choose to take. The best tool in any GMs kit, that I can recommend, is improvisation. Don’t be afraid to add a scene when the players go “off map.” Wing it…

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