Top Ten Best Examples of Magic Spells in Gaming

The Game Campaign

Magic is as popular in video games as in every other medium, but we often see the same things over and over again—a fireball here or a quick burst of light that heals you and your allies. While the standardization of some of these mechanics is nice, it can become a little stale. That’s why I wanted to set out and see what are the top ten best examples of magic that stand out to me.

What magic has stayed with me over the years, whether it’s because they set the standard for that particular spell in my mind, took it to the next level, or is original enough that it stands on its own among the throng of magic users in gaming? There’s a lot out there, so without further ado, let’s reveal the first trick up gaming’s sleeve.


Lumbridge Teleport – RuneScape

I can’t tell you the…

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