Boss Rush Banter: Would You Name Your Child After a Video Game Character?

Parents have a variety of reasons of how they name their children. Some are traditionalists and pass along a family name, and others scour through a book for one that carries a significant meaning. Others just go for the bizarre for the shock value. Regardless, naming your child is a big deal–that is how they will be addressed for life (for the most part). Many of us may know a friend or person who named their child after a musician or celebrity they adore, but have you met someone who named–or considered naming–their child after a video game character? Maybe you considered it, too?

The most famous example is Robin Williams and his daughter, Zelda. They did a commercial together to promote The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which was incredibly sweet.

Commercial courtesy of Nintendo (via Zelda Universe)

Many may believe naming a child after…

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