Hell’s Rebels #54: The Necrocrat

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party’s fighter, Narkwood, wakes up from his nap to find that that the rebels’ secret hideout is being raided by the government!

6th of Rova, 4715 AR

“Our head of security burst through the door, panting. ‘They’re here!’ “

I woke up to wild shouting and clashing of metal. Where was I? I could have sworn that I spent last night at the base. Looking around, I realized I was at the base. They must have found us. I dashed out into the hallway, still blinking the sleep from my eyes as I readied my axe.

It was chaos. Our pit trap had been sprung, but it was hampering us as much as them. Taka valiantly held off the attackers, but he was quickly surrounded. I ran forward, praying that I would get there in time to save him. Just before I could reach the attackers, Taka was stabbed…

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