Inverting Clues, Finding Ideas

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As I’ve been practicing my Daily Game Prep, in which I roll on a random table to see what tiny prep task I will perform, a frequent result has been, “Write a clue.”

Initially, I was happily adding clues to my Mystamyr game and seeking to enrich the adventures by making meaningful decisions more accessible using the Three Clue Rule. Over time, I discovered that some days I just didn’t have any ideas for an existing game.

My solution was to start making up clues. Once I had a pad of three random clues, I realised that I could use the Three Clue Rule to help me create interesting adventures.

The Three Clue Rule, as propounded by The Alexandrian is simple:

For any conclusion you want the PCs to make, include at least three clues.

In other words, if you want the player characters to realise some fact about…

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