5RD – Leukun’s Tower

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Leukun's Tower
Leukun’s Tower (300 dpi promo)

The aged tortle mystic Leukun built this stone structure to house great works of tortle art, spirituality, and all knowledge of the grand unified turtle theory. Originally intended to have a much taller tower, the elderly Leukun realized that he didn’t have the time to complete more levels, and at 41 years of age he capped the tower (with an egg-like dome) at 44 feet tall.

Leukun's Tower
Leukun’s Tower (1200 dpi)

The stonework of the structure was Leukun’s life’s work. The contents of the tower are collected from other tortle archives – in many cases reproductions brought here by tortle sages and adventurers, but also a library of original works that were rescued from other tortle collections. The alabaster egg-like dome on the tower gives the tower section a beautiful nacreous light mornings and evenings – shining down on statues of a pair of tortle mystics.

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