Boss Rush Banter: Who is Your Favorite Video Game Protagonist?

Answering who is your favorite gaming protagonist is a lot like answering who your favorite singer/band is, or what your favorite movie is. You likely have more than one answer and those answers can change over time. Mine certainly has.

Over the years, graphics and gameplay improved drastically in the gaming industry. What also has improved that isn’t as recognized is character development. Protagonists are drawn with deeper backstories and relatable flaws, and antagonists are more than just EVILLLL!

Image courtesy of Nintendo via Pictochat

For the longest time, I stubbornly stood by Link from The Legend of Zelda franchise as my most beloved playable protagonist. The Legend of Zelda is my favorite franchise that got me into gaming and inspired my novel, and I appreciated how Link was supposed to be the projection of yourself into the game. However, I recently rolled credits on another video game which left…

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