Too High Level, or: 5e has a hard mode


In one 5e game, we, the great heroes, decided to travel to the local capital to get a license of ownership for a castle and explain why we had killed a sheriff and his gang. (he was corrupt and worked as a bandit on the side)
So far, so normal.

On the way to that city we killed (among other encounters)

  • two adult dragons (one of them within one round, so he had no time to even retaliate),
  • a wood hag, and
  • a legendary werewolf.
  • We lifted the curses off the whole werewolf pack.
  • We dined with an Elf Queen
  • and we destroyed a widely feared bandit gang.

Any one of those all a valid quest-goal fit for the finale of a campaign. To us they just fell by the wayside.

We were all between levels 10 and 13. Giants among men. Titans in the world.

After sorting out…

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