D&D Tactics for Theater of the Mind

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Dungeons & Dragons is, at it’s core, a game about killing monsters. It does a lot of other things as well, things that I usually enjoy more, but if you look at the rules and system the game is built on and around, it’s obvious that the whole thing is designed for fighting monsters. Not only that, but it’s really designed around putting minifigures on a grid to represent you and the monsters, based on spells and abilities.

Many people love to break out the grid and minis, look at the fight from a birds eye view, and get into positioning. In fact, when the Dungeon Masters Guide explains Area of Effect, Flanking, Cover, Speed, and Line of Sight, it does so in context of the grid. So for people that love tactical combat, these are the things they have learned how to master. What if you are playing with…

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