Hell’s Rebels #56: Jackdaw’s Prison

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party did a daring attack on Rizovair, defeating the great dragon that rested atop Kintargo Keep! After Malcolm was sent to a different dimension, the party reunited and began their jailbreak of one of the original Silver Ravens, Jackdaw herself!

8th of Rova, 4715 AR


We pick up in the middle of an intense intrusion into the great castle dominating the silhouette of Kintargo.  We were face-to-face with many of the Hellknights’ elite as well as the entire garrison’s commander, ready to receive us after we flew over the walls with apparent grace and humility.  Enough with the poetry; we bowled through them like a hot knife through butter.  

We delved deeper into the castle searching for the captured Silver Raven. This person in particular was a part of the original Silver Ravens from Kintargo’s past. We were surprised to even hear of her existence at…

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