How An Old Game Controller Shaped Survival Horror Games

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2022 Artwork Survival horror control schemes article sketch

Well, for this article in the second season of my “Horror Videogames Series“, I thought that I’d ramble about how an old game controller shaped survival horror games. But, before I talk about game consoles, I’m going to have to start by talking about the lack of mouse controls in PC ports of older survival horror games.

This was a topic I first ended up thinking about after seeing an LGR video about a keyboard-based joystick from the 1990s. This silly gadget made me think about the “weird” keyboard controls for the PC ports of some older survival horror games – such as using the “Z”, “X,”, “C” etc.. buttons in the bottom left of the keyboard. Plus the arrow keys for movement. Sometimes, they would also make you to the “F9” key or something random like that to exit the game.

Although, to my surprise, this wasn’t…

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