Why Wildshaping into an Owlbear Won’t Break Your D&D Game


The trailer for the new D&D movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves dropped this week. The trailer features a clip where the druid wild shapes into an owlbear!

“But wait,” rules lawyers insist, “a druid can’t turn into an owlbear!”

Technically, they’re right. By the book, druids turn into beasts. And the owlbear is a monstrosity. But it hasn’t always been that way.

What Monster Type Are Owlbears?

Owlbears are one of D&D’s original monsters, going back to a grab bag of plastic toys that Gary Gygax used as miniatures. But, monsters didn’t have types back then. When creatures were first assigned types in 3rd Edition (3e), owlbears were magical beasts. In 4th edition (4e), D&D combined two monster types and made owlbears into fey beasts.

5th Edition (5e) doesn’t have multiple creature types (yet), so when the 5e Monster Manual was printed, they needed to trim down…

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